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Stall 17 - Band of Bakers (Jon Phillips)


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After taking a City & Guilds Course in patisseries and Baking at College and a desire for baking,  Jon and two former members of the team decided that we’d like to continue baking on a regular basis and put what we’d learnt from our course into practise for others to hopefully enjoy and buy from us. The Shrewsbury Indoor Market is the perfect place for us to sell our home baked produce and we would like to think that we provide a good variety of home baked breads and cakes for everyone to enjoy. We have now been open every Friday since the end of August 2019 and are enjoying every minute of it and especially meeting the other stall holders and people who visit the Market Hall on a regular basis.

Rachel works as a personal trainer in a gym and constantly comes across people who exercise regularly but their sweet tooth lets them down not being able to resist snacks high in fat and sugar. Rachel also has a sweet tooth and set out to find a solution of making something to still satisfy sweet cravings but would not bring the added lethargic, slightly sickening weighed down feeling with it. Healthy bakes were the answer! She started replacing sugars with more natural sweeteners such as dried fruit, honey and maple syrup. The favourite at the moment seems to be homemade giant peanut butter cups and Raw peach Cheesecakes with an almond and date base and a filling made from cashew cream blended with fruit. This is an example of a filling, nutritious dessert which is actually good for you!

Besides focusing on gluten free, grain free, vegan and vegetarian options for our stall to make sure there is something for everyone, we also have some classics such as fruit scones, Victoria sponges, flapjacks and much more.

Each week we regularly offer sourdough bread, focaccia, sweet and savoury filled croissants and much more, we hope to see you at our stall!

Opening hours: Every Friday 8.00am - 3.00pm

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Stall 14 - Bloomers Bakery (Mark Hordern)

Bloomers Bakery (Mark Hordern)

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Bread, rolls, cakes, pastries, filled rolls, etc.

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Stall 2 - Shrewsbury Country Markets (Tricia Jones)


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Shrewsbury Country Market (formerly the WI stall) sells a range of baked goods, preserves, savouries, honey, fruit, vegetables, plants, crafts and cut flowers.  This stall truly reflects the flavour of a traditional market.  Customers flock to this stall every Saturday for the locally produced goods.  As regulars know, the stallholders offer a high standard of service and have developed excellent customer relationships over the fifty two years it’s been trading in the market.

Shrewsbury Country Market welcomes telephone orders and delivery is free within a certain radius.  The team are happy to make up market parcels.

Country Markets is a co-operative social enterprise originally established in 1919.  There are over 450 country markets across England, Wales and the Channel Islands.

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